Dronestagram presents infographics of 2016 Year Review

Dronestagram’s 2016 Year Review Dear dronists, we would like to take a moment to share with you 2016 Year Review, just a few highlights that made this a wonderful year at Dronestagram. One more time we would like to wish you HNY 2017! The start of every year takes you a step closer to the attainment […]

The Drone Revolution by the Numbers

Hi there, You love drones but sometimes you feel a little bit confused? Don’t worry! Thanks to our community of drone hobbyists, we have collected sufficient information to offer you this compilation of some key market data. Who is the Drone Hobbyist today? Which devices are the most popular? What are the market trends? Why […]

New on Dronestagr.am: the Horizon Rectifier!

Good news! If you publish a picture on Dronestagram, an integrated module is now at your disposal to correct the rounding effect or “fisheye” of your pictures with an editor of several filters to improve your photos. You may have noticed this: photos and videos made ​​with a wide angle GoPro camera type or similar […]