Where eating with an amazing view ?

Until drones come to serve you gourmet menus in unusual places, here are some amazing restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with a great view ! The Grotto – Krabi – Thailand Caldera – Santoni – Greece Ithaa Undersea restaurant – Rangali island – Maldives Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant – Diani beach, Kenya Dasheene, […]

Benfica uses drone to deliver Benfica shirts to supporters at the stadium

Picture the scene, you’re at the stadium, the game is over and your team has lost when suddenly, above you, a flying machine approaches and distributes … Kleenex ! Ok this is still science fiction, but it could happen ! Monday night, Benfica football club used drones inside the Stadium of Light to hand out […]

A Phantom Drone captured video inside an erupting volcano!

If you’re still wondering what a Phantom DJI is capable of, watch this short video of active Yasur Volcano filmed by Shaun O’Collagan on Tanna Island (south pacific ocean). The result is very impressive. It is almost unbelievable that the aircraft wasn’t touched at all by the lava ejecta while filming. The pilot managed to […]