The Drone Revolution by the Numbers

Hi there, You love drones but sometimes you feel a little bit confused? Don’t worry! Thanks to our community of drone hobbyists, we have collected sufficient information to offer you this compilation of some key market data. Who is the Drone Hobbyist today? Which devices are the most popular? What are the market trends? Why […]

New on the Horizon Rectifier!

Good news! If you publish a picture on Dronestagram, an integrated module is now at your disposal to correct the rounding effect or “fisheye” of your pictures with an editor of several filters to improve your photos. You may have noticed this: photos and videos made ​​with a wide angle GoPro camera type or similar […]

Dancing with drones!

If drones are everywhere, this is probably the first time we can see them dancing on a stage! Eleven Play is a Japanese dance group that incorporates advanced technologies directly into their practice: a new way to think about the human-machine interaction! Enjoy the amazing coordination between the three dancers and drones, but also between […]

Follow me drones revolution: Airdog

Your attention please! The wind of innovation will blow very strong in a few months! The amazing photos and videos shared on Dronestagram already give a good overview of the potential offered by drones in terms of images… But wonders never cease! 3 companies are about to launch the first drones that automatically and autonomously […]

New categories on Dronestagram!

“Let’s build a world map of our Earth with a bird’s eye view.” Remember, that’s our motto ! Thanks to the amazing aerial shots published on Dronestagram by our community of Dronists, our dream is about to come true ! But photos with a bird’s eye view can also come from other technologies or sports […]

Where eating with an amazing view ?

Until drones come to serve you gourmet menus in unusual places, here are some amazing restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with a great view ! The Grotto – Krabi – Thailand Caldera – Santoni – Greece Ithaa Undersea restaurant – Rangali island – Maldives Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant – Diani beach, Kenya Dasheene, […]

Benfica uses drone to deliver Benfica shirts to supporters at the stadium

Picture the scene, you’re at the stadium, the game is over and your team has lost when suddenly, above you, a flying machine approaches and distributes … Kleenex ! Ok this is still science fiction, but it could happen ! Monday night, Benfica football club used drones inside the Stadium of Light to hand out […]