Safe Pro Group acquires Miami drone firm Airborne Response

Miami-based drone services company Airborne Response has been scooped up by safety and security solutions specialist Safe Pro Group. Though the terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, a press statement says Airborne Response will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Safe Pro, with the companies consolidating their audited financial reports. […]

DeltaQuad’s Evo eVTOL drone enables 4.5 hours of flight

Dutch company DeltaQuad is looking to shake up drone design – and through that, increase both performance and mission diversity – with its new Evo electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) craft that bears more than a passing resemblance to the B2-Stealth aircraft. Badhoevedorp-based DeltaQuad said this week its fixed-wing Evo eVTOL drone has entered the […]

Wisk and Boeing unveil UAM operational roadmap for air taxis

Aviation giant Boeing and its Wisk advanced air mobility partner have released a concept of operations overview for introducing urban air mobility (UAM) services like air taxis to the lower-level airspaces they’ll occupy. The roadmap lays out a wide, often overlapping array of details for providing safe, affordable, and efficient UAM services flown by the kind of craft Wisk is developing with the financial […]

Chicago drone mailbox maker Valqari acquires UK tech firm

Chicago-based Valqari, which offers drone delivery stations and smart mailboxes, says it has acquired UK’s IDU Group to further “last-inch” logistics with drone technologies. The US startup wants to make drone delivery accessible to both large commercial establishments and single-family homes. Valqari’s patented drone delivery stations are weatherproof, theft-proof, and temperature-controlled, which means they can also […]

Ionic propulsion drone test cheered by Undefined Technologies

Florida startup Undefined Technologies says it has taken a major step in developing a drone it believes could change the entire blossoming UAV service industry by using quieter, powerful ionic propulsions systems rather than rotors to drive UAVs. Undefined Technologies says it passed a testing milestone this month with a 4.5-minute flight of its drone using ionic […]

Tilting rotor drone – actuator-free – flies faster, longer in trials

Fancy being able to reach faster speeds while getting better battery performance in the air? A group of researchers at UC Berkeley may have found a way to provide that by experimenting with self-tilting rotors that keep their drone flat, thus reducing drag. Tests with the tilting rotor drone were carried out by staffers at Berkeley’s High Performance Robotics Lab, Department of […]