Search and rescue drones tested at an offshore wind farm

DEME Offshore and Sabca have worked together to test out search and rescue drones at the Rentel offshore wind farm in the North Sea. The trials come as the drones are readied for autonomous surveillance, rescue, and detection missions in the near future. The drone trial is the first commercial, cross-border, beyond visual line of […]

Yemen’s Houthis hit Saudi Arabia airports with drones again

Yemen’s Houthi forces have once again announced that they have hit neighboring Saudi Arabian airports with attack drones as the group continues to face off against the Saudi-led military. The news comes directly from the group’s spokesperson Yahya Sarea. The drone attacks appear to be the first since they stopped about a week ago. According […]

Should I buy the DJI Mini 2?

  The DJI Mini 2 launched in November 2020, it’s a compact, folding drone, like almost all Mavic drones before it. As an update to the original DJI Mavic Mini, the Mini 2 has almost the exact same airframe parts, measuring and weighing in at almost exactly the same size and weight. The differences worth […]

The DJI FPV Review of Features and Specs

This review is looking at the new DJI FPV, reviewing all the features and specs and what it means for you. The FPV is a revolution in drone design and boasts a lot of new features for an optimal experience. At the end of this review you will be able to make up your mind […]

Turkey to send out attack drones from its assault ship

The Turkish government wants to convert its TCG Anadolu assault ship into a home for launching attack drones in future missions. The country has been forced to develop its own system after it bought an air defense system from Russia, resulting in the United States removing it from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project. If […]

LMT works with Dimetor to integrate drones into VLL airspace

Latvian mobile network provider LMT has partnered with Dimetor to explore the integration of drones into very low level (LLV) airspace. The new partnership builds on an earlier one, which saw both companies validating BVLOS drone flights on a mobile network. For now, both companies are investigating the theoretical and practical possibilities of using a […]