La Soufriere causes chaos. Drones show the volcanic damage.

Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano causes a sensation, but La Soufriere causes chaos. In a new video, drones show how daunting the cleanup will be in St. Vincent and the Grenadines once the Caribbean mountain finally stops erupting. The prime minister appealed for international assistance to help with trauma caused by the eruptions. About 20,000 people were taken […]

Inside US military’s plans to use drones to detect drones

The US military wants to deploy a network of surveillance drones to keep an eye on small, unmanned aerial vehicles in urban cities. And it is looking for an organization to further test and develop its signal processing algorithms. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a branch of the US military that is […]

Sony Airpeak drone shows incredible wind resistance: Video

Sony has just given us another glimpse of its forthcoming Airpeak drone. And it has incredible wind resistance. It’s been a while since Sony’s Airpeak drone crossed our radar. The forthcoming Sony drone is built largely as an aerial cinematography rig, using a Gremsy gimbal to carry whatever camera (within weight limits) the customer chooses. […]

Canada will become a manufacturing base for FIXAR drones

FIXAR, the Latvian manufacturer of an innovative fixed-wing VTOL drone, has struck an agreement with Canada’s largest drone solution companies. Volatus Aerospace, Inc. will build up to 1200 FIXAR drones annually at its Ontario facility. When FIXAR came to North America, the company immediately caught our attention. Specifically, we liked the design and capabilities of […]

Skydio’s 3D scan software captures a cell tower – amazing!

Skydio, the largest US manufacturer of consumer and Enterprise drones, is getting closer to moving its 3D Scan software from beta to a publicly available version. And, well, we’re blown away by what we’re seeing. When it comes to inspection, depending on what’s being inspected, some people want high resolution photos. But there are instances […]

New network connects RPAS pilots, Flight Reviewers in Canada

An online drone Flight Review network is launching in Canada. It aims to make things easier for drone operators seeking a Flight Review, where a Transport Canada-endorsed Flight Reviewer observes proficiency with flying and quizzes the pilot about airspace and other safety regulations. A couple of important pieces of background here. The first is that […]