Arkansas prepares law banning drone use by sex offenders

Proposed legislation in Arkansas that would legally ban certain registered sex offenders from owning or operating a drone took another step toward passage this week, when the Senate Committee on Judiciary approved the bill in a five to one vote. Arkansas House Bill 1125 would prohibit anyone registered as Level 3 or Level 4 sex offender from owning or using a […]

Drone Program Prepares Students To Become Commercial Pilots

Southwest Independent School District students are achieving new heights as a result of the school drone program. Students in San Antonio can take part in a drone program that prepares them to become commercial drone pilots and get their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 certificate. The program prepares students for the job by teaching […]

Sunlu Terminator 3 (T3) review: Fast but Rusty

The Sunlu Terminator 3 (T3) is an ambitious 3D printer that promises five times faster print speed than most of its contenders. Priced for only $199.99, it comes with 250mm/s high-speed printing, a metal double-gear extruder, and a 16 points auto-leveling system. Our review covers unboxing, assembling, first impressions, and usage recommendations. We have to […]

Draganfly partners with RSI to access India’s growing drone market

Surging Canadian drone, software, systems, and artificial intelligence company Draganfly has announced a manufacturing and distribution partnership with Hyderabad-based geospatial technological company Remote Sensing Instruments (RSI), designed to provide it access to the expanding, but also protected UAV market in India. Draganfly revealed the accord Tuesday, officializing RSI’s future role in developing and orchestrating the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of the company’s drones […]

Jersey islanders prepare for nearing UK-sponsored drone trials

Officials from the island of Jersey have briefed authorities on neighboring Guernsey about potential implications that looming drone trials are expected to eventually have for daily life and activity on both English Channel territories. A delegation of Jersey transport officials made the 27-mile trip to Guernsey to discuss UK-sponsored drone testing that – among other things – is […]

South Korean telecom giant innovates safety inspection with drones

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest wireless telecom operator that is now rapidly transforming into an AI company, says that it has developed an inspection system that checks the safety of cell towers using drones and automated image analysis. The company’s new AI model, which has been developed by in-house experts, is capable of determining the […]

Ukraine To Invest $550 Million To Build An Army Of Drones

According to statements made by Ukraine’s Minister of Defense, Oleksii Reznikov, on Monday, Ukraine’s armed forces would spend over $550 million to build an army of drones in 2023. Additionally, 16 supply deals have already been inked with Ukrainian manufacturers. During the eleven months that this conflict has been going on, both the Ukrainian and […]

Drone Delivery At Scale With Walmart’s Multi-carrier 5G Approach

Walmart said that with 4,700 stores spread across 90% of the US population, it can now offer “drone delivery at scale” because 90% of the US population lives near at least one of its stores. Over the holidays, Walmart’s drone operation reported significant advancements, completing more than 6,000 deliveries in the US safely by the […]

XPeng AeroHT’s X2 receives first eVTOL flight permit in China

XPeng’s eVTOL business arm AeroHT announced it has received a conditional permit from the Chinese government to continue flights operated by a human in its X2 “flying car.” According to the company, the X2 is the first eVTOL to receive such a permit in the entire country, allowing XPeng AeroHT to continue development on its […]