New Oregon Aviation Director, Florida Pushes Back On Ban

This week in drone News, we have four stories for you. The first one is a big one: Oregon has named a new Aviation Director, and he’s a good one. We’ll talk about Florida public safety pushing back against the country of origin ban, a new partnership for Pilot Institute, and, lastly, 200 weeks of […]

Eve, Ferrovial partner on future air taxi vertiport ATM systems

Embraer urban air mobility (UAM) company Eve is moving again to prepare for the launch of future air taxi services by striking a new partnership in vertiport and air traffic management (ATM) system development with a unit of international transport infrastructure group Ferrovial. Under the letter of understanding signed this week, Eve and Ferrovial’s specialized vertiport affiliate will explore ways of combining their […]

The Perfect Drone? My List Of Must-Have Features!

Today’s video will not have an epic intro or fancy B-roll throughout because I am doing a different type of video today. It is a sit-down-and-talk type of video where I discuss a topic that is interesting to me, and I was recently asked about. The question I was asked was, “What is your perfect […]

Archer, United announce air taxi link between Chicago and O’Hare

California electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) developer Archer Aviation has extended its partnership with longtime investor United Airlines in a deal that will launch air taxi services between downtown Chicago and O’Hare International airport – the second route in a planned US network. The news follows the announcement last November of Archer starting air taxi flights for United passengers between the […]

Swiss UAV startup Jedsy brings new thinking to drone deliveries

Swiss drone delivery company Jedsy is small compared to the rapidly scaling sector giants like Zipline, DroneUp, Wing, or Flytrex, but the little UAV that could has developed interesting and unorthodox aerial and docking tech that’s attracting new clients. Jedsy is an outside-of-the-box startup and drone delivery innovator. For starters it was founded in 2021 by triple aerobatic helicopter world champion Mirko […]

FPV Coalition Advocating Recreational Drone Weight Increase

The FPV Coalition seeks help from its members and the entire drone community to help advocate for increasing the weight restriction for recreational drone use from 250g to 1kg. Such a change would allow recreational users to fly larger and more capable drones without having to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) — and, […]

Verifly (Thimble) insurance to end drone coverage on March 24

Verifly, which was one of the first companies to offer on-demand insurance to drone pilots, has announced it will be shutting down on March 24, 2023. New York-based Verifly was founded in 2016 as a provider of on-demand liability insurance for commercial and recreational drone flights. It used mapping technology and real-time conditions to advise […]

AIRTAXI World Congress to gather AAM sector in San Francisco

UK-based Global Travel Investments Limited has announced the program for its fourth AIRTAXI World Congress, which this year will be bringing together the main players in advanced air mobility (AAM) craft, infrastructure, tech, and investment activity in San Francisco – home to several leading next-generation electric aircraft developers. Official host site for the 2023 AIRTAXI World Congress from October 2 to 5 […]

Wingtra Soars To New Heights With $22M Funding Boost

Wingtra, the world’s largest commercial vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone producer, has secured $22 million in a series B funding round, setting the stage for accelerated growth and product innovation. The funding round included DiamondStream Partners, EquityPitcher Ventures, Verve Ventures, the European Innovation Council Fund (EIC Fund), ACE & Company, John L. Steffens, and […]

China Keeps Supplying Autel And DJI Drones To Russia

China has supplied over $12 million worth of Autel and DJI drones to Russia since its invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the quiet collaboration between the two nations, the NY Times writes. Despite efforts from the U.S. Government to limit critical technology sales to Russia, Chinese drone exports remain difficult to stop. In the past year, […]