Spanish researchers outfit drone with e-nose to battle stink

Living as he does near a wastewater treatment plant, Santiago Marco knows all about recurring odors fouling the surrounding air. So the researcher at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia developed an e-nose that, when paired with a drone, may help managers proactively reduce the stink their facilities emit. Up to now, smells produced by […]

Skyports, LAZ Parking to build air taxi vertiports across LA

Leading advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure design and construction company Skyports says it has struck a partnership with US group LAZ Parking to develop vertiports in the Los Angeles, a move they call necessary to facilitate the introduction of air taxi services in the coming years. At first glance, the pairing of a drone services startup and […]

Nine drones to form Chennai Police’s Mobile Drone Unit

These will include quick-response special payload drones, long-range surveillance drones and one life guard drone, and are likely to be stationed at the city’s beaches or its shopping hub, Pondy Bazaar A total of nine drones, including six quick-response special payload drones, two long-range surveillance drones and one life guard drone will form the new […]

Drones, thermal sensors provide precise UK grey seal census

Drones equipped with thermal sensors are being deployed in one of the UK’s largest-ever surveys of Atlantic grey seal pups as a less intrusive, faster, and cheaper alternative to manual counting. Those census operations are underway over the Farne Islands, located off England’s northern coast between Newcastle and the Scottish border. The islands are home […]

Black Swift Technologies Dawn of Drones

This week on Dawn of Drones!  Join Dawn and Black Swift Technologies CEO Jack Elston as they talk about flying beyond visual line of sight in extreme conditions.  Watch this episode right here on Wednesday, November 17 at 11:00 AM EST. Extreme BVLOS! Join Dawn and special guest Dr. Jack Elston, CEO of Black Swift […]

FlyFreely in Australia Drone Safety App

CASA Authorization for FlyFreely in Australia by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby Today, Australia’s lead aviation body has verified software by Brisbane-based startup FlyFreely, which will make it easier for users to know where in the country they can fly drones. The Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) announced its authorization of the use […]