Power of Drones: Changing the Landscape of Modern Warfare

In today’s warfare, the sheer number of drones has revolutionized how battles are fought, drastically reducing the time troops and tanks can remain undetected. A Ukrainian military official recently raised eyebrows with his revelation about the swift and potentially deadly efficiency of these unmanned aircraft. Vadym Skibitsky, the deputy commander of Ukraine’s HUR military intelligence […]

Remote ID – FAA & Pilot Institute Live Stream

00:00:00 – Kevin (FAA): Here we go. It’s 5 p. m. Eastern Time, 4 o’clock Central, and we have gathered some of the greatest minds here this evening to talk about Remote ID. I’m lucky enough to be joined by Greg from the Pilot Institute and also Keith from Alien Drones, and we’re going to […]

FAA Remote ID – All your questions answered!

Do I have to fly with Remote ID? Remote ID applies to drones which are required to be registered or have been registered with the FAA, including those flown for recreation, business, or public safety, and drones that are foreign-registered. While drone operators were required to comply with Remote ID beginning September 16, the FAA […]

Holystone HS360S SpyDI: Sub 250g GPS-enabled 4K drone

The Holystone HS360S is an entry-level drone with some serious capabilities. While it is relatively affordable, beautifully compact, and lightweight enough to be classed alongside toy drones without the need for registration or pilot license in most countries, it’s no child’s plaything (it has powerful brushless motors, the battery supports 30 minutes of flight – […]

DJI Mini 4 Pro vs The Gauntlet (Autonomous Tracking Test)

Hey folks, Ray here from DC Rainmaker, and today we’re diving into a head-to-head battle between the DJI Mini 4 Pro and the challenging ActiveTrack Gauntlet. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s address the need for DJI Care Refresh – TRUST me, you’ll want it. Now, let’s break down the Gauntlet for you. […]

DJI Mini 4 Pro Range Test BVLOS in Canada

Good day, folks, Shawn here from Air Photography. Today, I took on a simple challenge – conducting a range test by sending my DJI Mini 4 Pro drone out over the water. Now, here’s something I should clarify right away: I’m in Canada. This is crucial because here, we can fly our mini drones beyond […]

Parallel Flight Technologies signs DOD Firefly heavy-lift drone deal

California drone startup Parallel Flight Technologies (PFT) has secured work from a unit of the US Department of Defense to develop its super heavy-lift Firefly UAV to fulfill the agency’s critical, long-distance mission objectives. PFT said it had concluded a contract with the department’s Defense Innovation Unit to develop and adapt the heavy-lift, long-flying hybrid vertical takeoff and landing drone for […]

Skyports aids Australia’s Carbonix in long-haul BVLOS missions

Skyports Drone Services is again expanding its global business footprint, this time in Australia through a new partnership developing the long-range beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations of Sydney-based UAV data collection specialist Carbonix. Its link-up with Carbonix marks Skyports’ first foray into Australia’s booming drone sector. Given the nation’s vast size, long-distance BVLOS services are expected to be an […]