LEDA Conference Addresses Key Issues Facing Drone Use in Law Enforcement: DFR, Foreign Tech, and More

Tony Webster [CC BY-SA 4.0] LEDA conference brings together police agencies from across the country. By DRONELIFE Features Editor Jim Magill About 70 police agencies from across the country took part in the Law Enforcement Drone Association (LEDA) fourth annual conference, where participants took part in seminars on various aspects of done use in emergency […]

New Tool In Philly’s Fight Against Crime?

Philadelphia Ponders Drone Assistance in Law Enforcement The Philadelphia City Council is actively delving into the potential advantages of leveraging Police drones in the realm of crimefighting. At a recent demonstration held inside the council chambers, the committee on public safety was presented with a detailed overview of the DJI Matrice 30 drone’s capabilities. According […]

DJI delivery drone gets FCC approval for US launch

DJI has filed paperwork with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to bring its first-ever delivery drone, FlyCart 30, to North America. The drone was first unveiled in China in August 2023. FlyCart 30 supports two modes of delivery: a cargo box and a winch crane system. The product’s official release onto the FCC database […]

Sussex Police’s New DJI M30 Drone For Night-Time Safety

Sussex’s nightlife just got a little safer! As part of their commitment to ensuring safety during the nighttime, Sussex Police have unveiled a new tool: a DJI Matrice 30 drone. But this isn’t just any drone. Fitted with advanced thermal imaging cameras, spotlights, and even a speaker, this police drone’s primary mission is to scan […]

Restrictions, Regulations, and Revenue: Going to Market with Emerging Technologies

The first in an occasional column on bringing products to market in emerging technologies, by industry marketing expert Amy T. Wiegand: Go-to-Market Propeller.   Continue reading below, or listen: DroneLife recently highlighted feedback to our top-of-mind question, “How will the FAA enable the next generation of flight ” – including what the FAA plans for […]

Police in Brighton fly night drone missions to halt sexual assaults

Police in the popular UK coastal city of Brighton have begun flying late-night drone patrols of the beachfront in an effort to halt a recent series of sexual assaults in the area. Sussex police began deploying the drone above Brighton’s beach zone to monitor people leaving bars, clubs, and other nightspots, and keep watch of those considered potentially vulnerable to […]

Louisiana police bust huge plot to deliver drugs by drones to prisons across the US

Among all the cases of drones deployed to deliver drugs and other contraband into prisons around the globe that DroneDJ has reported over the months, the plot busted by Louisiana police this month is one of the largest and most audacious of those aerial criminal enterprises. Cops in Grant Parish, Louisiana, announced they’d crashed the enormous prison drug delivery scheme before […]

ALIROEN F2400: High power solar generator at decent price

The ALIROEN F2400 power station has an enormous 2048Wh (4800W Peak) capacity and a bi-directional 2400W sine wave inverter. The solar generator can be used for your essential devices on the go or during a blackout. The output power can be manually adjusted within five predefined positions (1100w/900w/700w/500w/300w). Besides the status screen, the front panel […]