Stringing is a common 3D printing problem that can be annoying when you want quality results without post-finishing. To solve the root of the problem, SUNLU came on the market with the first AntiString PLA filament, an upgraded version of the regular PLA filament.

Stringing occurs mainly when the extruder moves between two different locations; during that move, the filament drips out of the nozzle. If you print models that have lots of ups and downs due to stringing, it will look like everything is covered in cobwebs. To check if the SUNLU APLA filament can get rid of the stringing problems without tweaking with retraction and other parameters, I printed a couple of test models from Thingiverse.

Stringing closeup
Stringing issue example

Sunlus’ AntiString PLA is an option only if you want to print rigid products, but if you want flexible parts using TPU or other similar materials, you will need to fine-tune machine parameters such as retraction distance, retraction…