drone swarms pollination, WPI Researcher RoboBeesCould tiny drones be used for crop pollination? Worcester Polytechnic Institute Researcher Developing “RoboBees” to Combat a Declining Population of Pollinator Species

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

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Images: courtesy Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Researcher Nintin Sanket is working to develop a drone-based solution to the population decline of pollinating species around the world. A third of the world’s food is dependent on pollination from bees, yet they are increasingly threatened by climate change and harmful agricultural practices[1]. Sanket and his team are developing a new strategy to tackle this challenge, utilizing automated drones.

“A lot of conservationists are working to preserve bees. But the climate is changing pretty drastically, so we need alternatives as well, including looking at other ways to pollinate things,” remarked Sanket.

Estimates suggest that half of North American and Hawaiian bee…


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