Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D printer

The ELEGOO Neptune 4 Max is the largest 3D printer that I reviewed. With a massive 420*420*480mm build volume, you can print big models at once without the need to glue multiple parts together. The Klipper firmware will also be a first for me. Klipper is an advanced open-source 3D printer software developed by KevinOConnor that allows you to print faster and more accurately than Merlin or others.

I’m not a 3D printer expert like Uncle Jessy, so this review is written more from the perspective of a standard user who regularly prints all kinds of things needed around the house. I mainly use PLA and TPU filaments, but some functional parts require stronger CF filaments with a higher melting point. Most entry-level 3D machines reach 260° Celsius, which is insufficient for industrial-grade materials. The Neptune 4 Max’s hot-end has a 60-watt heating element with a brass heating block to allow up to 300 °C nozzle temperature.

Nozzle closeup

Last year, I tested two…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com