The Corsican Pine on the corner of Underhill Street, Low Town has stood proudly on the town’s Quay side for at least 70 years.

As one of the first trees visitors see when they cross the bridge, it has featured in numerous historical photographs of the market town dating back at least a century.

But on November 2, the iconic tree, which sits opposite Stoneway Gallery, is set to be felled by Shropshire Council.

The council’s tree officer said the Corsican pine in Underhill Street was “dying” and “leaning” and is set to be felled this week and replaced with a “suitably sized replacement tree”.

After hearing the news, resident Vaughan Jackson, who is from Billingsley in Bridgnorth, decided to get his drone out to take some bird’s eye pictures of the tree’s last days, and took some stunning pictures.

He said: “I’m a hobbyist drone photographer who likes to take aerial photos in and around Bridgnorth.

“I thought it would be poignant to photograph the tree in a way that’s rarely been…