SkyStars Bolt5 \ foxeer caesar

Racing frames like the Skystars Bolt5 or Foxeer Caesar prioritize light weight and aerodynamic efficiency for maximum speed and maneuverability. Their geometry is optimized to have the smallest friction in the air, and the battery is mounted underneath the frame to obtain the optimal center of gravity (COG).

My review refers to the SkyStars-RC Bolt5 frame kit, but as the Foxeer Caesar V2 has only a few minor differences, you can expect about the same results from that kit too. Except for the “X” and “S” logos on the camera mount, these two frames look identical. Both are made of high-quality T-700 carbon fiber and have a  3d-printed TPU shark fin on top for turtle mode (flip back).

SkyStars-RC Bolt5 adopts a completely symmetrical TrueX frame design that offers equal stability on all axes as the distance between the rotors is equal. With a wheelbase of just 200mm, it is the smallest 5″ frame that I tested.

Race frame

Skystars Bolt5 frame review