Avatar HD Goggles X

Without any doubt, the FPV headset is the most expensive part of an FPV system, and you would probably like to use your investment for many years. CaddxFPV’s new Walksnail Avatar HD Goggles X comes with a modular design that allows upgrading the VTX module and the antennas. The manufacturer promises the release of a next-generation receiving module that allows up to 20km transmission distances.

Thanks to the AV and HDMI inputs, it is multi-platform compatible. Via the AV-in, you can use legacy 5.8G analog VTX or, through the HDMI-in, an HDZERO VRX module.

When the first teaser photos were shared on social media, many thought that it was a joke due to the “X” logo on the front plate, similar to the logo use used by Elon Musk in Twitter’s rebranding campaign. The final release of the Avatar HD Goggles X has only two RGB LED bars with adjustable colors (red, green, and blue).

Replaceable VRX module
Replaceable VRX module photo by CaddxFPV

The Avatar Goggles X can be…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com