Amy Wiegand, Go to Market, GTM Propeller
The second in an occasional column on bringing products to market in emerging technologies, by industry marketing expert Amy T. Wiegand: Go-to-Market Propeller.  The deep dive on how buyer behavior has changed for drone industry startups- and what to do about it to turn marketing dollars into revenue.

By Amy T. Wiegand

Marketing has undergone significant transformations in the last ten years, driven by advancements in technology and changes in buyer behavior. Meanwhile tech start-ups have endured start-up challenges and changes in the economy and fundraising markets. In many cases, marketing functions are transitioning to adapt to these changes which impacts revenue. As we evaluate changes, we also plan for 2024 with the same age-old question:

How do we meet our revenue goals?

The stakes are high. Perhaps finances and profitability aren’t what you want them to be. We all want success. Radical and rapid success. And we strive for TenX+ success adjacent to our…