Walksnail Avatar HD VTX V2

While all the Walksnail community is waiting for the new AVATAR HD V2 FPV goggles, CaddxFPV released a new VTX with dual antenna for better range and penetration. The  upgraded Walksnail Avatar HD VTX V2 has also a more “finished” design and extra 20x20mm mounting points. In addition to the FC connector, it has spare soldering pads. The bind button has been repositioned to be more accessible for the pairing process.

The Avatar HD V2 VTX has a wide range of power input and can be powered from 6V (2S) to 25.2V (6S). The  unit has 32GB internal memory for onboard recording.

For the first time “4K compatibility” is shown in the Walksnail ecosystem. According to Caddx the dual-antenna V2 VTX will be compatible with the upcoming 4K FPV cameras. It is not clear yet, if the AVATAR system will be also capable of recording UHD (3840x2160p) like DJI’s O3 Air Unit.

Key upgrades of the new Avatar HD V2 VTX

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Source: www.firstquadcopter.com