Michigan finds itself amidst a riveting debate: should officials need a warrant to surveil residents’ properties using drones? This question buzzed into the state’s highest court, where justices grappled with the implications of Drone Technology on privacy rights.

A Backyard Controversy

The Legal maelstrom began in northwestern Lower Michigan when a couple, Todd and Heather Maxon, found themselves under aerial scrutiny. Township officials had hired a drone pilot to surveil the Maxons’ property on three separate occasions, suspecting Todd of breaching zoning regulations due to his hobby of repairing 4-wheel drive vehicles on his land.

According to the township, these drone flights were lawful as they adhered to Federal Aviation Administration rules and merely captured images akin to those available on platforms like Google Earth.

“Their property, their backyard was not concealed from the neighbors. We have evidence that shows that all of this material that…


Source: dronexl.co