It looks like a new version of the DJI Mic just went through the FCC’s certification process. Is the tech giant planning to release not one but two products next week?

FCC documents have revealed the presence of a DJI Mic 2 transmitter. The wireless device will be a successor to DJI Mic, which was first unveiled without fanfare on the sidelines of the Action 2 camera launch in 2021.

dji mic 2 pocket 3

The original Mic is a wearable and portable dual-channel audio recording system that consists of linked transmitters and a receiver, stored securely in a charging case. The new Mic 2, however, appears to be coming without a receiver or a charging case, based on the current FCC listing. The product is naturally expected to be compatible with Pocket 3, and other future DJI handheld cameras and devices.

The FCC paperwork further reveals that Mic 2 will be powered by a bigger 1.39Wh battery that charges at 5V 0.4A. The original DJI Mic transmitter utilizes a 1.232Wh…