Following the recent surfacing of the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), another surprising product was revealed – the DJI Mic 2 transmitter.

This unexpected revelation prompts the question: Is DJI on the cusp of launching a refined version of the DJI Mic?

According to the FCC listing, it seems DJI might solely be revamping the transmitter at this stage. Notable upgrades appear to be in the realms of design and battery capacity.

This discovery was originally reported by DroneNR, bringing it to the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

A Fresh Take on Design

At first glance, the changes in the DJI Mic 2 transmitter’s design might not be blatantly obvious. But a closer look, juxtaposing the low-res sketch of the Mic 2 transmitter with images of its predecessor, reveals intriguing variations.

The Mic 2 appears a tad shorter yet somewhat bulkier. A striking feature is the inclusion of a third barb on the clip’s transmitter…