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Cranfield Airport selected for trial area to advance UAS integration in the UK.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

Cranfield Airport has been chosen by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to participate in a Temporary Reserved Area (TRA) Regulatory Sandbox which will integrate manned and unmanned aircrafts in the same airspace. The TRA Sandbox is part of the CAA’s Airspace Modernization Strategy to enable and advance the adoption of UAVs, among other advanced tech, into the United Kingdom’s airspace.

Cranfield Airport is located in Bedfordshire, England, just 50 miles north of London and is owned by Cranfield University. The University is recognized for its world-renowned aerospace program with over seven decades of aircraft research and design. They now look towards the future to explore what new capabilities can be achieved through the technological advancements of the last decade in both manned and unmanned aircrafts.

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