The tides of war have taken a new turn, with Ukraine integrating groundbreaking technology into its defense arsenal. Ukrainian drones are now equipped with Artificial Intelligence, capable of independently identifying and targeting Russian forces without human intervention. This development is shaping the future of warfare.

The Prowess of Ukrainian Drones

Debuting just last month, the quadcopter named “Saker Scout” is an autonomous machine that can locate and attack up to 64 different types of Russian military equipment. This drone is resilient, functioning even in zones where radio jamming tries to stifle its capabilities. Impressively, it can ferry six pounds of explosives across approximately 12 kilometers.

These nimble drones, equipped with modified RKG-3 anti-tank grenades or RPG warheads, have already demonstrated their effectiveness, proving they can annihilate even heavy tanks.

AI: Ukraine’s Secret Weapon

Originally, Saker’s mission, since its…