Start-up’s AI-enabled system teaches drones to help fight wildfires

By DRONELIFE Feature Editor Jim Magill

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When responding to wildfires, time is critical. Response commanders need to be able to rapidly access data to answer vital questions – where is the fire the hottest? What direction is the wind blowing? Are there any humans located in the danger zone – before making any decisions on fighting the fire.

A start-up software and drone company in Washington state has developed a system for answering these questions using artificial intelligence (AI) programs and highly stable and agile coaxial drones.

Launched in 2022 by three aviation industry experts, DataBlanket’s mission is to empower firefighters with new tactical tools and information.

“To me firefighting felt like a problem that has needed addressing for quite a few years,” DataBlanket Co-founder and CEO Omer Bar-Yohay said in an interview.

Bar-Yohay has an…