new version Correlator 3DSimActive Accelerates Point Cloud Generation with new version if Correlator 3D: 10.1

SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, isn’t slowing down.  The company recently celebrated their 20th anniversary with the launch of Correlator 3D v. 10, with new features and an undated interface.  Now, SimActive announces the release of Correlator3D Version 10.1 – and the emphasis is on speed.  In this new version of Correlator 3D, point clouds and digital surface models (DSMs) are generated at twice the speed compared to previous versions.

“The new version reduces processing times by half, which represents a significant technological advance. As an example, a point cloud can be produced from 300 drone images in less than 8 minutes on a single standard PC,” says the company press release.

“Autocorrelation is a highly complex process and is often the bottleneck in any photogrammetric workflow”, said Louis Simard, CTO at SimActive….