Aerodome: Transforming Drone as First Responder Systems

Announced today, Drone as First Responder (DFR) solution Aerodome stands out as an innovative solution designed to make air support available to law enforcement teams of all sizes, through a combination of technology choices and business model.  Co-founded by California law enforcement veteran Rahul Sidhu and Chief Architect Kenaniah Cerny, Aerodome is designed to align and integrate with the response workflows, from 911 call to community transparency.

Aerodome Brett Kanda

Drone industry expert Brett Kanda is Aerodome’s Senior Vice President of Business Development.  DRONELIFE interviewed Kanda to learn more about how Aerodome hopes to reshape the landscape of public safety and emergency response.

Built By Law Enforcement, for Law Enforcement

Aerodome founder Rahul Sidhu is a veteran law enforcement officer – and an experienced technologist.  He and co-founder Kenaniah Cerny are the team behind…