DroneShield counter UAS

Image: DroneSentry-X Mk2 mounted on a military squad vehicle

Australian-American company DroneShield recently announced their new DroneSentry-X Mk2, a multi-mission counter-UAV solution for mobile and expeditionary fixed-site applications.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

The DroneSentry-X supports passive detection, identification, and tracking of multiple unmanned or uncrewed systems. The new system integrates DroneShield’s advanced multi-mission AI/ML technology, RFAI, for passive, non-intrusive detection with its new electronic countermeasure technology, RFAI-ATK, which provides operators with the ability to detect, identify, track, and defeat unmanned threats from a single integrated system.

After an extensive development process including input from multiple clients and extensive end-user feedback, the system includes an on-board RFAI user interface for local and tactical applications, while still supporting Modular Open Systems Approach best practices…


Source: dronelife.com