Welcome to your weekly UAS News update. We have three stories for you this week. A drone pilot loses control of their drone over a stadium – not good. An update on the man who shot down the Police drone a couple of years ago. And then DJI releases a new LiDAR unit called the L2. Let’s get to it.

Drone Pilot Loses Control Over Stadium

First up this week is the segment titled “Drone Pilot Loses Control Over Stadium”. Unfortunately, it’s about a drone that flew over a college football game, resulting in the players being evacuated from the field.

This happened in Columbus, Ohio, where a gentleman named Rigoberto Canaca Escoto flew a drone he had purchased the day before at Best Buy over the stadium. Upon returning, the Columbus Counterterrorism Police were able to track the drone back to the pilot.

He admitted that he had no knowledge of basic UAS safety, hadn’t taken the TRUST test, and had lost control of the…


Source: dronexl.co