drone delivery app Korea, Skyports drone services and RigiTechApp for Requesting Drone Deliveries Launched in Korea by Skyports Drone Services with new aircraft partner RigiTech

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

Skyports Drone Services has partnered with RigiTech to announce the launch of an app for requesting drone deliveries. The service is available in the Yeosu region of Korea and aims to increase access to vital supplies for individuals who reside on 45 islands in the area.

Skyports Drone Services is a well-capitalized London based uncrewed drone company. They currently operate in Asia, North America, South America and Europe with a mission of increasing access to vital supplies, such as food and pharmaceuticals, through the use of UAVs.

While the first phase of the Yeosu City drone project began in June this year, this will be the first Skyports Drone Services has partnered with RigiTech to operate their inter-island flights. RigiTech is a Swiss based company with a similar goal of advancing UAV delivery…


Source: dronelife.com