risk of falling drone

Alon Marcus, CC BY-SA 4.0 

Regulators, insurers, advanced drone operators and community members all want to know: what’s the real risk of a falling drone?  From the floor of Intergeo 2023: how to quantify the risk.

Intergeo speaker

Laura Gonzalez Combrink

Laura Gonzalez Combrink of Accenture consulting gave a presentation on their initiative to enhance existing data sets, in order to determine and quantify the risk of falling drones.  Quantifying this risk, Gonzalez says, could be foundational to reaching the next level of integration of drones into existing airspace.

It’s a significant problem.  Risk-based operations require accurate assessment of the ground risk of falling drones: but that depends upon an accurate understanding of who is likely to be on the ground if a drone falls.  To determine the risk of drone missions that overlap with population centers, it’s a critical piece of drone integration. “As drones become more integrated with the fabric of everyday…


Source: dronelife.com