Straight out of a modern crime drama, a 29-time convicted felon took aim at a Lake County Sheriff’s Office police drone, bringing it down with a fiery crash. Now, he faces the potential of 10 years in prison for his actions.

Wendell D. Goney, a 52-year-old from Mount Dora, pleaded guilty to being a convicted felon with a firearm in connection to the 2021 incident. The court has yet to set a sentencing date for Goney. The full story, as reported by the Daily Commercial, unveils a series of events that sound more like a Hollywood script than reality.

The Night of the Drone Incident

The backdrop? July 11, 2021. Lake County Sheriff’s deputies were investigating a burglary at a sprawling 10-acre warehouse and greenhouse in Eustis. To gain a bird’s-eye view, they deployed a $30,000 drone, kitted out with infrared cameras and the latest tech gear.

Suddenly, shots rang out. Sgt. Chris Stevens recalls, “It sounded like a firecracker, but a .22-caliber rifle can sound…