drone show over Niagara Falls Viewers in Canada, U.S. marvel at first drone display over Niagara Falls, Ontario

By DRONELIFE Feature Editor Jim Magill

The first drone show held in the skies above Niagara Falls, in Ontario, Canada, gave observers on both the Canadian and U.S. sides of the border spectacular views, as 300 drones formed colorful images highlighting the city’s many attractions.

The display, presented on Oct. 5, by Belleville, Ontario-based North Star Drone Shows, served as a demonstration project to Niagara Falls city leaders, who are considering adding drone shows to supplement the town’s regularly scheduled fireworks displays.

Depending on their vantage point, observers could view the fleet of UAVs as they performed their series intricate maneuvers against a background of city lights or the iconic falls. The drone fleet formed images that showcased the area’s high points, from the falls themselves, to its exciting gaming industry, to the surrounding wine country.

The genesis…


Source: dronelife.com