Flyging Basket cargo droneFlyingBasket Releases Heavy-Lift Cargo Drone with 100kg Payload Capacity

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

European drone leader FlyingBasket has announced the commercial release of its FB3, a heavy cargo drone with a 100-kilogram payload capacity.

Since 2015, FlyingBasket has worked alongside National and European regulators, playing an active role in shaping European safety standards and in the evolution of the drone industry.

The culmination of extensive research, development and testing, the FB3 demonstrates FlyingBasket’s commitment to quality. The company collaborated with customers throughout various industries so that they could customize its capabilities to better suit their needs. The FB3’s impressive payload capacity and lifting capability has been thoroughly tested across various environments, including forests, wind parks, and urban settings.

The FB3 enables drone operators around the globe to grow their service offerings to better serve their…