It’s no secret that modern warfare is evolving at breakneck speeds, with technology playing a pivotal role. Enter the drone. Ukraine, in its intense battle with Russia, has wielded the power of the octocopter drone, which, despite its six-figure price tag, has proven its weight in gold.

The $100,000 Octocopter’s Mighty Impact

These Ukrainian-made R18 octocopters, armed with thermal imaging cameras and capable of carrying and releasing ordnance, have become a significant thorn in Russia’s side. An operator, who adopted the callsign “Sunset” from Ukraine’s 24th Separate Mechanized Brigade, revealed to CBS News that their unit utilized R18 octocopters to obliterate ten Russian tanks recently. When you consider that just one Soviet-era T-72 tank holds a price tag of well over a million dollars, the implications are staggering.

Night-time: The Drone’s Prime Time

“The deadliest after dark” – this is how Sunset described the R18 octocopters. They’ve been in use…