Welcome to the Weekly UAS News Update. This week, we bring you four notable stories.

FAA Authorization Extended

First on our list: the FAA Authorization Act has seen an extension until December 31st, 2023. For those unfamiliar, the FAA Reauthorization Act occurs every few years, with the last one happening in 2018. The next one is slated for 2023. This act provides guidance to the FAA from Congress about their next course of action.

While we’ve glimpsed some drafts, the final authorization, initially expected in recent days, has been deferred to year’s end. As a move to prevent a government shutdown, this authorization has received a 45-day extension. Yet, as pointed out by the National Air Traffic Controller Association’s president, this feels like Congress delaying the inevitable. If the government does shut down in November, funding will cease.

The focus, he insists, should be on securing funding…


Source: dronexl.co