Drone insurance company SkyWatch, which provides on-demand insurance to commercial drone pilots and hobbyists alike, has acquired Droneinsurance.com’s assets from REIN. The two platforms have merged to offer seamless coverage and service to drone operators across North America.

Basically, customers of Droneinsurance.com are now being transitioned to the SkyWatch platform for their insurance needs. So, those with existing policies on Droneinsurance.com will continue to get the same dedicated service they are used to by REIN, but upon renewal, policyholders will be offered the option to switch over to SkyWatch.

It’s worth highlighting that SkyWatch’s drone insurance policy portfolio includes hourly, monthly, and annual options in all 50 US states and Canada.

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Tomer Kashi, CEO of SkyWatch, says, “Droneinsurance.com has been a driving force in the…


Source: dronedj.com