Picture this: a seagull gracefully gliding across the sky, seamlessly blending with its avian counterparts. But wait, that’s no bird – it’s the groundbreaking Silent Flyer drone! Unveiled recently at the DroneX Expo in London, this exceptional device is set to redefine the boundaries of UAV technology.

The Evolution of Drone Design

Born from the ingenious minds at Flygildi, an innovative startup based in Reykjavík, Iceland, the Silent Flyer is crafted to both look and fly exactly like a bird. It ditches conventional rotors for wings, providing propulsion that’s not just effective but also whisper-quiet.

Flygildi showcased their marvel for the first time at the DroneX Expo, captivating audiences with the drone’s morphable, flapping wings – a true testament to nature-inspired engineering. The design is so precise that the initial prototype mimics a seagull, complete with AI-powered flying patterns.

So, what’s the purpose behind this bird-like drone? Initially…


Source: dronexl.co