In a world where drones have become more than mere recreational devices, DJI, a leading name in the industry, recently launched its latest model – the DJI Mini 4 Pro. And while innovations should ideally be met with applause, this was not the case for DJI’s new release.

The 120-Meter Controversy

Fresh out of the box, early users of the DJI Mini 4 Pro made a startling discovery: the drone was capped at a flying height of 120 meters from the take-off point. In many regions, this might not sound like a major hurdle.

But picture this explains Wiebe de Jager from DroneWatch: you’re in rugged, mountainous terrain, wanting to launch from a valley and fly seamlessly alongside the imposing cliff faces. At 120 meters, you’ve hit your ceiling, and any obstacle taller becomes a problem.

Responding to the outcry, DJI quickly released a software update. Just like other DJI drones, the maximum flight altitude of the Mini 4 Pro can now be set up to 500 meters. A sigh of relief…