The leading name in Drone Technology, DJI, has once again taken a step forward. As of September 18, 2023, DJI has unveiled the latest DJI Dock Firmware Update, offering a range of critical features and optimizations for enterprise users.

This fresh update, labeled as V01.05.0902 for the DJI Dock, promises to augment user experience while enhancing safety and flexibility in operations. Notably, the Aircraft Firmware has been updated to V07.01.0026, and many other firmware updates have also been introduced, such as for the Intelligent Flight Battery, Remote Controller, and more.

New Additions and Optimizations

  1. DJI Dock Enhancements:
  • RTH has seen an upgrade to Advanced RTH.
  • A refined battery safety strategy has been introduced. Notably, “The dock cannot perform Continuous or Timed tasks if the battery cycle count exceeds 500 cycles. Immediate tasks and FlyTo tasks will not be affected.”
  • There’s now an ability to halt the flight route task after triggering…