GTM Propeller regulations revenueThe first in an occasional column on bringing products to market in emerging technologies, by industry marketing expert Amy T. Wiegand: Go-to-Market Propeller.  

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DroneLife recently highlighted feedback to our top-of-mind question, “How will the FAA enable the next generation of flight ” – including what the FAA plans for drone integration – and what will happen with Remote ID.

Commercial Drone Alliance Executive Director and Leader of the Global UAS Practice, Lisa Ellman, began a recent keynote by acknowledging industry frustration with the FAA processes and rulemaking, which has seemed to stall around issues such as flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and type certification.

“We all are here because we share a common goal,” said Ellman.  “…The advancement of drone technology benefits all Americans.”

Ellman went on to outline critical steps the government can take in the next few months.

We realize our…