who will replace Billy Nolen Acting Administrator FAAIt’s a double-whammy for the FAA.  As Congress seems no closer to a deal that would avert a government shutdown in the U.S., an FAA Reauthorization package – the tax bill that funds the FAA – has also stalled for too long in the Senate.

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The 5 year FAA Reauthorization Bill of 2018 runs out on September 30.  Now, the Senate has linked a 3 month extension of FAA Reauthorization to a package that would avert a government shutdown: one that is unlikely to pass in the House.  The House is working on a separate package which might extend FAA Reauthorization. (And it goes without saying that confirming a permanent leader at the FAA  – the current nominee is former FAA deputy Mike Whitaker – isn’t happening right now.)

If all efforts to extend the funding of the FAA and/or avert a government shutdown fail before midnight tomorrow – and they may – what happens then?

Essential Employees Will Work Without Pay: Everyone Else…


Source: dronelife.com