In a recent announcement by DJI on September 25, 2023, the Chinese drone maker released a first firmware update for the just launched DJI Mini 4 Pro. If you’re a Mini 4 Pro owner, this is an update you will not want to miss!

The new aircraft firmware, marked as v01.00.0200, brings exciting features like the “AR Home Point, AR Return-to-Home Route, and AR Aircraft Shadow.”

Aerial photographers will be thrilled to know that there’s added support for the wide-angle lens, ensuring those captivating scenic shots. For those who love the cinematic experience, the ActiveTrack 360° now comes with enhanced subject tracking. Just swipe a path on the trace wheel interface for smooth orbiting shots and fade-ins and outs.

Worried about quality? DJI has optimized both photo and video quality. Plus, expect more stabilized videos with the updated Hyperlapse feature.

A quick heads-up: To enjoy these new additions, ensure your DJI Fly App is updated to v1.12.0 or later. And if…