Skydio has unveiled its latest drone, the triple-camera X10 with an all-new NightSense feature that enables autonomous flights in zero-light environments. Designed as a versatile solution for enterprise and public safety applications, the X10 is Skydio’s first offering since exiting the consumer business earlier this year.

The new X10 essentially succeeds the Skydio X2 drone but is named so because it promises 10x improvements in its computing power compared to the previous generation. At the same time, the drone is equipped with 10x higher-fidelity navigation cameras that allow it to navigate with more confidence in challenging conditions, avoiding thinner obstacles than ever.

Further, a new Spatial AI engine enables real-time environment mapping and fully automated modeling at the edge. But for those who have used the X2, perhaps the most exciting part is the NightSense sensor suite that powers AI autonomy at night, thus enabling 24×7 operations….