Skydio X10, Skydio new product, Skydio big announcement, Skydio big revealSkydio‘s user conference, Ascend, takes place today in San Francisco: and the company made an all out push to have the drone community tune in to the keynote to hear CEO Adam Bry announce their latest platform, the Skydio X10.

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“Our goal is to make the world more productive, creative, and safe,”  said CEO Adam Bry. “We started 10 years ago…. thanks to you all, this mission is coming to life.”

“At this point Skydio serves over 1500 organizations… and we’ve delivered more than 40,000 drones.”

Despite those numbers, Bry said that he believes enterprise drones are still only at the beginning of maturity curve.  “Of all the instances when drones could be useful… how often is there actually a drone there capturing that data?”  Bry asks.

Skydio’s Big Product Announcement: Skydio X10

Skydio’s vision for technology maturity and industry scale is displayed in the features of the Skydio X10: the company’s…