As the anticipation mounts for the DJI Mini 4 Pro‘s official release, there seems to be no slowing down in the leaking of tantalizing images. Early this morning, the well-known DJI insider Jasper Ellens unveiled a revealing photograph on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The unveiled image provides a crisp view of DJI’s newest mini drone, unfolded and captured head-on. A defining feature that immediately catches the eye is the clear inscription of “Mini 4 Pro” on the drone’s left arm.

But there’s more. Unlike its predecessor, the DJI Mini 3 Pro, this drone showcases wide-angle obstacle avoidance sensors situated prominently at the front.

These sensors are not only outward-facing but also slightly angled upward. Coupled with the dual sensors at the rear, they ensure the DJI Mini 4 Pro drone has omnidirectional obstacle detection capability.

More DJI Mini 4 Pro Details Leaked

But Ellens didn’t stop there. In a subsequent image, he divulged the DJI Mini…