Boosting Northern Surveillance: Canada Eyes U.S. Drone Enhancements

Heads up, tech enthusiasts and global watchers! The U.S. might just be gearing up to bolster Canada’s drone capabilities. The Pentagon recently revealed that the U.S. State Department has given the green light for a possible munitions sale to Canada. The deal? A whopping $313.4 million to enhance MQ-9Bs drones.

Why this buzz? Well, “The proposed sale will improve Canada’s capability to meet current and future threats by enabling unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance patrols of its northern arctic territories,” clarified the agency.

But before we jump the gun, it’s essential to note that this approval doesn’t guarantee a done deal. No contracts have been finalized yet, according to Reuters.

The proposed package is packed with tech goodies: 219 Hellfire II missiles, 12 Mk82 bombs, and cutting-edge Due Regard Radars. Who’s behind this tech prowess? General Atomics, the principal…