In a world where drones are becoming an integral part of our daily lives, the 2022 Bengals-Raiders Wildcard game witnessed a disruption that took the NFL by surprise. On a chilly January day, PayCor Stadium became the epicenter of a drone controversy, leading the NFL to rethink its drone protocol.

The Disruptive Moment

On January 15, 2022, as the Cincinnati Bengals clashed with the Las Vegas Raiders, an unexpected guest made its presence felt above the stadium. A drone, unauthorized and definitely unwelcome, hovered above the players and the crowd.

As reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, the “incident led to an NFL policy change.” Judge Matthew McFarland emphasized, “This is a new and emerging safety issue that (the NFL is) taking seriously,” noting that such incidents were rare, especially in the U.S.

The Man Behind the Sticks

The drone pilot, 25-year-old Dailon Dabney, was no seasoned criminal but a content creator seeking views for his YouTube channel….