Eye in the Sky: The Changing Landscape of Wildfire Management

Mississippi has recently been under the siege of wildfires, with over 500 blazes reported in just the past month, according to the WAPT News. As the flames continue to consume land, an unexpected ally emerges in the fight: drones.

Since August 1, a staggering 517 wildfires have ravaged Mississippi, primarily targeting its coastal regions. These ferocious fires have consumed more than 9,000 acres, prompting burn bans in 40 counties. To tackle this escalating situation, the U.S. Forest Service has deployed drones in about twelve of these instances, marking a significant shift in wildfire management.

Drones The U.s. Forest Service's New Weapon Against Ms Wildfires.jpg

Jacob Schuler, the leader of the drone unit, paints a clear picture of their importance: “Once we get on the scene of the fire, we launch. We get up in the air, and we can provide eyes in the sky for the command staff, for the resources on the ground, so we basically can see what the fire is doing at all…


Source: dronexl.co