Garuda Aerospace Equality Drone TrainingGaruda Aerospace Introduces Equality Drone Training Program to Empower People with Disabilities

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

Garuda Aerospace, India’s lead drone manufacturer, has announced its Equality Drone Training program to strengthen diversity in the workforce. The program will enable individuals with disabilities to join the UAV workforce.

Garuda Aerospace is partnering with Bharat Drone Association and National Drone Pilot Association to create this free program individually tailored for individuals with physical disabilities. The program consists of lessons in both the operation and maintenance of drones across numerous industries including agriculture, surveillance, mapping, e-commerce, and delivery. Graduates of the program will have a comprehensive understanding of the UAV space, and valuable skills for going into the workforce.

The Equality Drone Training program has additional support from Varsha Kukreti Augustine, founder and CEO of…